Koji Kato

Exhibition : 13th September ~

Born 1994 in Hyogo, Kato received his BFA in oil painting from Tama Art University in 2014, also studied at Hongik Art University in Korea through an exchange program in 2016. He currently studies in the Global Art Practice MFA program at Tokyo University of Arts.
His videos work is often based on political and social issues that he relates to. And through that, he tries to find issues why we cannot understand each other.
He has exhibited his work in group shows such as “Maebashi Media Festival 2017” (Old Yasuda Bank Security Warehouse, Gunma), and has also participated in performances such as “Student Art Marathon vol.13” (blanClass, Kanagawa).



展示 : 9/13〜
1994 年兵庫県生まれ。2016 年弘益大学校 ( 韓国 ) 交換留学。2017 年多摩美術大学美術学部卒業。現在東京藝術 大学大学院グローバルアートプラクティス専攻在籍。主に映像作品を制作し、さまざまな政治的、社会的問題と 自分との関係性を模索する。またそれを通して、自己と他者との理解不可能性を研究する。 主なグループ展に、前橋映像祭 2017( 旧安田銀行担保倉庫、群馬 )、スチューデントアートマラソン vol.13 (blanClass、神奈川 ) など。



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