BARRAK Indepedents

Exhibition: 1st September – 23rd September 2018,

Event: MEETS Bangkok 17:00 – 20:00, 15th Sat September


BARRAK is an Artist Run Space that stood up at the Daido area, Naha city of Okinawa prefecture as a creation/presentation place for young generation’s in the Okinawa the few exhibition facilities in 2014.

we named”BARRAK” as a after the hypothetical residential barrack hut built in the burned wilderness in postwar of Okinawa.

In 2017, From the first space that one room of the office moved to the building which has three story in the same high road district. The 1F is a BARRAK Factory (the workshop place mainly doing the woodworking work).The 2F is BARRAK Gallery (exhibition event space) and the 3F is acting as share studio (artist's place of production).

Multiple members are involved, Mainly Tezuka Takimaru who graduated from Okinawa prefectural arts university. Not only in the people based in Okinawa Area but also the members of the curator such as Harada Harada (Tokyo) usually spend in each place, some members come to Okinawa at the time of the event etc.

The "BARRAK Independent - Building to Survive" held in June, 2018, more than 80 artists who come from inside and outside the Okinawa partispated. At this time's Bangkok Biennale, BARRAK Pavilion, a few artists who participated in this "BARRAK Independent - Working to Survive" exhibition will join as staying/creating and exhibitions on the theme of "Building to Survive.”


イベント: Meets Bangkok

日時:9/15(土) 15:00 – 17:00

会場:White Line


BARRAKは2014年に、展示施設の少ない沖縄で若手の制作・発表の場として沖縄県那覇市大道地区に立ち上がったアーティストランスペース。戦後沖縄で焼け跡となった荒野に建てられた仮説住宅バラック小屋にちなんで命名。2017年に、それまでの事務所の一角の場所から、同じ大道地区の三階建てのビルに移動し、1F,BARRAK工房(主に木工作業をおこなう工房)2F,BARRAK gallery(企画展をメインにした展示イベントスペース)3F,share studio(作家の制作場所)として活動している。沖縄県立芸術大学を卒業した手塚太加丸を中心に複数のメンバーが関わる。県内のみならずキュレーターの居原田遥(東京)など普段はそれぞれの場所で過ごし、イベントの時などにあわせて沖縄に来るメンバーもいる。

 2018年6月に開催された「 BARRAK アンデパンダン ~生き抜く為に造るのだ~」では、80人を超える県内外の作家が展示を行った。今回のバンコクビエンナーレ、BARRAK パビリオンでは、このアンデパンダン展に参加した作家数名が「生き抜く為に造る」をテーマに滞在制作や展示を行う。


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